Sunday, June 8, 2014

Recycling Crayola Watercolor Palettes

Every year at the end of school I am left with 25 Crayola watercolor palettes that look like they've seen some serious art work. I typically just throw them away because there is either very little paint left or all the colors have mixed to make the ugliest brown. Well... This year I wanted to come up with an idea to save all these paints. I was throwing away perfectly good water color paint. I have recycled the paints and i'm very please with how they came out. The colors are vibrant (even yellow!!) and are in their own containers so they will be spared the awful mixing of the paints.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kindergarten Summer Review Worksheets

Kindergarten Summer Review Worksheets

It is not a surprise to anyone that the summer break can really hurt everything you taught over the school year. I've created Common Core State Standard aligned worksheets for kindergarten students going into first grade to use to keep those skills sharp by the time September rolls around.

The way my summer review works is that students are to work on one worksheet in math and one worksheet in reading a week. These are all concepts that students have learned throughout their kindergarten year. I also believe that the summer is a time for students to relax and have some fun, this is why i've only created one worksheet for math and reading a week. They can review concepts without being tied down to having "summer homework"

This summer review pack has 24 worksheets. 4 math worksheets and 4 reading worksheets for June, July, and August. This pack does not have any first grade concepts, this is a kindergarten review. I have taken the concepts from the CCSS website and they are outlined at the bottom of the worksheets.

Our Favorite Snapshots of Kindergarten

I cant believe that this school year is almost to an end! It has been a fabulous year and I am truly going to miss this group.

I'm going to miss these kids!

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to make a memory book for the students to take home. Each student write down their favorite kindergarten memory and I copy and create a book for each of them to take home. This year i've decided to make a memory book in the style of a scrapbook with the theme of "Our Favorite Kindergarten Snapshots."

You can download this for free and create one of a kind memory books for your kindergarten class!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ABC Countdown to Summer

One of my favorite things to do in kindergarten is our ABCountdown to summer. The last 26 days of school we celebrate with a different letter of the alphabet. I have read some fantastic blogs with so many great ABCountdown ideas. I wanted to share the ones I do for our ABCountdown.

  • A - Alligators and Apples ~ Students made alligators for a less than or greater than game. The students made little apples out of play dough. The students were placed into pairs and rolled dice to see how many apples to put in the middle. The students who rolled the higher number alligator ate the apples.You can download the template I used for here

  • B - Bubbles and Books ~ We made bubble solutions and adding craft paint. We then blue the bubbles and caught them to make cool designs on a thick piece of card stock. When the card stock dried we used it as a cover for a book. Click here to download the cover of the book we used.

  • C - Compliment Cards ~ We made compliment cards and gave them to our friends. For more information you can find directions and printables here Compliment Cards
  • D - Donuts with Dads ~ Dads were invited in to read with their child and enjoy a donut!

  • E - Exciting Experiment ~ Students were asked to bring in one of their fathers white undershirts to be turned into a lab coat. We used fabric markers to design our very own lab coats. When then performed the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. The kids LOVED this day. They enjoyed creating their own lab coats and watching the diet coke explode. I guess it turned into our Exciting Exploding Experiment day. You can find the journal we used for this day for free here Diet Coke and Mentos Freebie

  • F - Frisbees ~ We learned the best way to throw a frisbee and measured our frisbee throws to see who had the furthest frisbee. 

  • G - Game Day ~ Students brought in different type of games to play with one another. This day was a great way to revisit rules and being a great team player. 
  • H - Hawaii Luau Day ~ We made leis by using a flower whole punch to make card stock flowers. We punched a hole in the middle and strung the flowers to make them look like leis. When then learned a Hawaiian luau by watching the Zumba Fitness Haleiwa Hula.                                                 

  • I - Ice Cream Day ~ Nothing too exciting here except eating ice cream sandwiches! 
  • J - Jungle Juice ~ We made jungle juice by following lemonade recipe and dying the lemonade green. 
  • K - Special Kid ~ This is one of my favorite days of my ABCoutdown. Students take Special K cereal (or any cereal) boxes and write kind words to one another. You can find free printables and instructions on how to make the boxes here I'm a Special Kid

  • L - Lunch Bunch ~ Students were allowed to eat their lunch in the classroom and they voted on a small video to watch during their lunch.
  • M - Muffins with Moms ~ We couldn't leave the moms out! Mothers and grandmothers were invited to come in to read with their kids and enjoy muffins!

  • N - Neat and Clean Day ~ We started to clean the classroom for summer
  • O - Outside Story ~ we read outside (this was an easy day for me)
  • P - Peter Pan Pepperoni Pita Pizza Party ~ This was a mouth full! We watched my favorite Disney movie Peter Pan and ate Pepperoni Pita Pizza's that we made in the microwave and ate popcorn. We also read the original Peter Pan novel during quiet time over the previous month. 
  • Q - Quids ~ I work at a Catholic school and this year our Q day fell on the day we celebrate Quid Admirantes. 
  • R - Rainbow Scavenger Hunt ~ We walked around our school's campus and searched for items that were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. 

  • S - Summer Birthdays ~ We celebrated everyones birthdays that falls during the summer. 
  • T -Treasure Hunt ~ Our class was visited by a secret pirate that left us maps of our school and clues/riddles to find a secret treasure. We found a gold bag of valuable ring pops!

  • U - Unique Object Day ~ Students brought in unique objects to share with the class. We had so many wonderful objects including a special pet gecko! 

  • V- Virtual Visiting Vet ~ One of my best friends is a veterinarian. She lives in Pennsylvania and I am in Utah. She gave us a tour of the clinic she works at and showed us a quick examination of her dog Skittles. We did this through FaceTime. The students loved watching the vet visit on our projector. 

  • W - Water Safety Day - We learned all about water safety rules. We used these rules to keep safe at our Swim Day. 
  • X - X-tra special day ~ We went swimming on swim day!
  • Y - You'll be Missed ~ We signed yearbooks 
  • Z - Zip up and go! ~ We packed up, said our good-byes and left for summer!
Having an ABC countdown to summer is one of my favorite things about teaching kindergarten. This was a great chance to review so many concepts while enjoying the last few days of their kindergarten year!
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