Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to School ~ Getting Wild In Kindergarten

I am starting to become very excited for the new school year. This will be my second year, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to not be a “first year teacher.”

Click for Jungle Set
I was  starting to map out my weekly themes for the kids. They are the themes that I use for my literacy and math centers and after doing the usual (apple, thanksgiving, winter holidays, pumpkins, fall, etc) I wanted to do pandas. I was looking into doing a whole week dedicated to pandas and endangered animals. After a few research I discovered that the Western Black Rhino became extinct! I knew it was endangered; however, I was not aware that it was considered extinct.

I then decided that this year, my classroom will be focusing on an endangered animal each month. I will be focusing on 9 different endangered animals and spend one month on extinct animals.  Most of the animals we will be looking on live in the jungle/safari and my classroom will be a jungle and wild theme this year.

I am very excited to start getting into my room and decorate. I will be using all of my own created resources. I have created over 200 pages with a jungle theme that will be adorned in my classroom.
Jungle Theme Word Wall

Word Wall Close Up
"King or Queen of the Jungle" for Star of the Week
Jungle Rules
I have finished two bulletin boards and I’m so excited.

In my jungle pack you will find:
~ A complete calendar set with holidays, months, seasons, weather wheels, days of the week, year, and number cards
~ Word wall bulletin board set with over 90 sight words, animal name tags for student’s names, alphabet heading, and word wall headings
~ Numbers 0-50 posters
~ Alphabet and 14 digraph cards
~ Schedule cards
~ Table signs
~ How we go home clip chart
~ Behavioral management clip chart
~ Steps to completion
~ Jungle Jobs
~ Classroom labels

and so much more!
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